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Featured Services

WISP Enhanced Service Prequalification (ESP)

WISP Enhanced Service Prequalification (WISP ESP) processes your address to determine whether it resides within a current coverage area. It can even take natural and unnatural terrain into consideration.

WISP ESP can use coverage generated from popular mapping and RF Planning tools. If your coverage map is not in the correct format – for a small fee, we’ll convert it for you – even if it’s on paper.


  • Web Interface accessible over the internet
  • Branded with your logo
  • Geocodes any valid street address in North America onto your coverage area
  • Reports on number of attempts, who qualified, who didn’t qualify, and contact information
  • WISP ESP on CD integrates into your website, your VARs website, and may be interfaced with your order system
  • Our Bulk Qualification Capability allows you to check hundreds of addresses from a spreadsheet at one time, giving you the ability to reduce direct sales cost and focus on potential customers in your coverage area
  • Get even more accuracy by developing individual maps for every cell site or even every sector in your network


  • Streamline your provisioning process
  • Determine if a potential customer qualifies for your service in seconds
  • Let customers qualify themselves
  • Reduce truck rolls
  • Site survey and install on same truck roll – WISP ESP has already qualified the order
  • Increase sales by letting WISP ESP qualify orders and do the analysis
  • Increase your install-to-order ratio
  • Increase your orders -- with WISP ESP performing your analysis you can accept only orders that qualify
  • WISP ESP has a Web interface – anyone can qualify customers for you and take the orders, including VARs and the customers themselves and, with our free CD form, you can interface on your website and move information into your order system
  • Reduce onsite installation time
  • WISP ESP can tell you in what cell site(s) and sector(s) a subscriber qualifies, allowing equipment to be preconfigured and installers to have a plan of attack before they get to the customer's premises
  • Increase your marketing capability and ramp up new areas faster
  • WISP ESP gives you a report on all qualification attempts. Based on the no quals, you'll know who can’t get service and where they are. That may be where you want to build your next site…..
  • Make ESP more effective and accurate via our "Close the Loop” process
  • If you find a hole in your coverage when you’re on the customer premises – circle it on the map and we’ll work with you to ensure that it’s removed from your coverage area
  • Use ESP for any spectrum technology, licensed or unlicensed

Additional Services

  • Coverage Area Map Development/ Conversion
  • RF Propagation Map Development
  • Site surveys, design
  • Demographic analysis

See a Demonstration with coverage built for Albuquerque, NM

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